Saturday, January 15, 2011

Movie "from Prada to nada" Due Out January 28, 2011

When I saw the trailer, it caught my attention and thought it would be a funny, light hearted movie to see. I like the actors, the premise and it stars Latinas and is directed by a Latino, Angel Gracia. It would be nice to start the new year with a good laugh.

It's a whimsical fish-out-of-water story of two spoiled sisters: Nora (Camilla Belle), a law student, and Mary (Alexa Vega), an undergrad party girl, living with their father in a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills. Mary has become so "90210" she refuses to admit she is of Mexican descent. When dad suddenly passes away, their posh lives are turned upside down. They discover they have been left penniless and are forced to move into their estranged aunt Aurelia's (Adriana Barraza) modest but lively home in the Latino-centric Boyle Heights neighborhood of East LA. They are terrified to leave their world of privilege; neither Nora nor Mary speak Spanish or have ever had to take on actual responsibility. The girls gradually adapt to their new environment; their BMW and Prius are traded for the public bus and a used car. As they embrace the culture that for so long they refused to accept, they both discover romance, the true meaning of family, and they learn that the life of PRADA actually means NADA without love, family and community. (Source: Movie Insider).

from Prada to nada is due in movie theaters on January 28, 2011.

Sountrack From Prada to Nada

1. California Gurls - 'Katy Brand
2. Cielito Lindo - Mariachi Sol De Mexico de Jose Hernandez
3. Las Golondrinas - Mariachi Chapala
4. Sad Song - Au Revoir Simone
5. Boom - MC Magico and Alex Wilson
6. Así Yo Nací - Rey El Vikingo
7. Cielito Lindo - Marta Gomez
8. Help Me - Latin Bitman
9. El Barrio Esta Caliente - Rey El Vikingo
10. MLB on Fox Theme - Phil Garrod, Reed Hays and Scott Schreer
11. Fuego - Inno
12. In The Stars - Jess Penner
13. Pachangueando - Pacha Massive
14. Beat Of My Own Song - Meme
15. En Un Papel 1 - Paulino Vargas
16. Cielito Lindo - Alexa Vega and Camilla Belle
17. El Mago Cardona - Xocoyotzin Herrera
18. Don't Let Go - Pacha Massive
19. Coloradito - Pavel Cal
20. Traigo de mi Pueblo - Pavel Cal
21. Juanito - Pavel Cal
22. Jamas - Pavel Cal
23. Katie's Rainbow - The Geoff Aymar Quartet
24. Te Necesito - Shakira
25. The Bottom - Tara Holloway
26. Need 2 B Loved - Debi Nova
27. Divertimento No. 17 D-Maj. K. 334-Allegro - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
28. Adagio Und Allegro Op 70 Ii Allegro - Robert Schumann
29. Para Continuar - Sara

(Source: StarDustTrailer)


oh just ehu. said...

Oh I loved this movie!! I never heard of it til the night I saw it. My friend had some free passes and invited me along. I can't wait til it comes out on DVD!!! I loved the soundtrack as well...especially Marta Gomez.