Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band Kicks Ass!!!

The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band was in town this weekend "Kicking Ass." They performed on Saturday December 18, 2010 at Stubb's Bar-B-Que Indoors in Austin, Texas.

I first heard of The Reverend Peyton back in May when someone gave me a copy of their latest album, "The Wages." That individual was aware of my diverse taste in music and thought I'd like it. Well, I listened to the album and just liked the hell out of it. The Big Damn Band has an interesting sound and is high energy. Their music mixes bluegrass, hillbilly and alternative rock into a sound which, for me, is reminiscent of a 60's group called Canned Heat. Canned Heat performed a song titled, "Rollin' and Tumblin'," at the Monterey International Pop Music Festival 1967 which caused a deja vue moment. But, good music is good music regardless of time.

Stubb's indoor venue was packed and the crowd was anxious. If you've heard The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band's music, then you would understand the anticipation. When the Big Damn Band came on to the stage, the crowd cheered, yelled and hollered. Below you get a taste of what the audience saw and their reaction to bands showmanship.

"Clap Your Hands"

"Everything's Raising"

If you have a chance to see The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band perform, by all means go to a show. Here's the show link: Upcoming Shows

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

BRASIL MEETS COLOMBIA! with Anne Simoni, Kiko Villamizar and Frederico 7

Both countries meet at the Flamingo Cantina on Friday December 10, 2010. The line up from Brasil includes, Anne Simoni and her band, Frederico 7 & the Hashashin and from Columbia, Kiko Villamizar Orquestra. These three Austin bands represent the best of both countries and will definitely give you a taste of their musical cuisine. Anne Simoni performs tradional Brazilian rhythms including samba, bossa nova and baiao and Frederico 7 performs Brazilian music but with more of an upbeat, smooth bluesy feel. Lastly, Kiko Villamizar performs modern Columbian cumbia with a traditional folk influence.

Deciding what to do this Friday night shouldn't be too difficult with such an exceptional musical line up. Flamingo Cantina is one of my favorite Sixth Street venues because it always books great shows and this show is definitely one of the best.

Flamingo Cantina is located at 515 East Sixth Street in Austin, Texas. Doors open at 9:00 PM and cover is $5.00.

Anne Simoni:

Kiko Villamizar:

Frederico 7 & the Hashashin:

I want to wish all of those individuals that take the time to read my blog, a Happy Holiday Season.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I Survived the Mexican Stepgrandfather "OCCUPIED STATE" Album Release Party

I drove to San Antonio Saturday night to specifically see the Mexican Stepgrandfather perform at club Limelight. This was the first time I had been to Limelight, located on North Saint Marys Street, and I really had a great time. I would definitely go back again although the sound system could be better. I also enjoyed the eclectic but friendly crowd and the atmosphere was electric.

All the opening artists were great but the Mexican Stepgrandfather ruled the house. He did have full band and DJ support Saturday night although the new album uses more drum beats and live music rather music samples. The message is still political and very pertinent to the current anti-immigrant sentiment, social plight and relationship issues. OCCUPIED STATE has more featured artist than the first album, ESTERE-ERE-O, and less music samples which highlights Mexican Stepgrandfather lyrical skill.

When Mexican Stepgrandfather came out for his set, the crowd was anxious and happy to see him. They were cheering, jumping and dancing. Mexican Stepgrandfather poured out his heart and soul for the crowd that night and they gladly accepted the gift. At the end of the set, the crowd still wanted more. I wanted more. I can say we all left happy and content because we all had shared the same incredible experience. I extended the euphoria by listening to the OCCUPIED STATE CD on the way home.

Check out this video of "Falling Down" at Limelight.

Also check out "The System" off OCCUPIED STATE.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mexican Stepgrandfather Album Release at Limelight

I first saw Mexican Stepgrandfather perform about two years ago at the Flamingo Cantina in Austin, Texas. I instantly liked his music, lyrics and stage presence. After his set, I purchased the then current ESTERE-ERE-O CD and started a conversation with Marco Antonio Cervantes aka Mexican Stepgrandfather (MSG). Marco is a really nice guy. Originally from Houston, Marco has been living in San Antonio for years now. I discovered that he was an Associate Professor at the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA). MSG is unique in many ways. He is not your run of the mill 19 or 20-something year old rapper. Liked I said, he is a professor. A master of the English and Spanish language, MSG uses bilingualism to create lyrics that tell a fascinating story. When I listen to his music, I just get it. I've either seen it or have been around that story he is rapping about. I also like the samples of old Mexican tunes he uses and how they're mixed.

I have seen MSG perform on two other ocassions: Una Noche de la Gloria 2009 at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio, Texas and at Mi Casa Cantina at Este Vato's CD Release in June 2010 in Austin.

I'm excited, MSG is having an Album Release at Limelight in San Antonio, Texas on November 20, 2010. I will be at the Limelight next Saturday because I want to see MSG perform and I want the new album, OCCUPIED STATE. I haven't asked about the album, songs or any background information because I want it to be new and fresh.

Below you'll see a great sample of MSG in an "Official" professionally produced music video.

The second is a video of an actual performance which gives you an even better sense of MSG in action.

Other artist performing at are:


Diego Bernal


Scuba Gooding Sr.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Afrofreque CD Release Party at Momo's

Last night was the Afrofreque CD Release at Momo's presented by Bemba Entertainment. This is the third time I've seen Afrofreque in the last 30 days and still want more. I saw them recently at the Birthday Felabration for Fela Kuti at Red 7 and at the Funk Freak Halloween Ball at ND at Studio 501, also produced by Bemba Entertainment, and last night at Momo's. They just won me over immediately. They are Funk, Soul, Rap, Hip Hop, R&B and more. All the people at Momo's last night were definitely moved to dance, bounce or sway to the music. I purchased Afrofreque's new CD,"Jewels and Gems," so I get to hear them anytime I want.

I do have to thank Brandon Badillo of Bemba Entertainment for continuously producing numerous themed showcases like the Birthday Felabration and the Funk Freak Halloween Ball which have been great events and experiences. Brandon has the knack of selecting the right musical talent, the right venue and the ability to create a unique experience that people want to attend and then look forward to the next event.

The musical line up last night included Dawni McCray, Adam Rodgers, Soulkitchen, Afrofrique and Courtney Sanchez and SWAY. I did get to record video of Soul Kitchen, Afrofreque and Courtney Sanchez and SWAY. It was an exceptional night for music.

To find out what Bemba Entertainment has planned check out the Bemba Calender.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Making Movies At Momo's November 2, 2010

Making Movies, a band from Kansas City, Missouri, is on tour and performed at Momo's in Austin, Texas on Tuesday November 2 , 2010 for KUT 90.5fm World Music Night presented by Bemba Entertainment. Making Movies is a band which performs both in English and Spanish but the Latin influence is the dominant flavor. Their music is very Rock, Latin and Pop and really appeals to very broad audience. On Tuesday, aside from their exceptional play list, they played a White Stripes cover song, "Seven Army Nation." To put it mildly, I liked the hell out of their version of the cover version. The song started out with a Latin flair but then morphed into a Santana cover then back to "Seven Army Nation." I was a fantastic blend of two songs and artist. Making Movies is very creative and very original. Catch a performance or two if you can, check Tour Schedule.

Below is video of cover song, "Seven Army Nation," and another exceptional song performed by Making Movies from Tuesday night's performance at Momo's

Bemba Entertainment presents World Music Night every Tuesday at Momo's. Check Bemba's Calendar or Momo's Calender for information. See you there.

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Barrio Massive En El Mero Hueso at Una Noche De La Gloria October 9, 2010

Una Noche De La Gloria, presented by Contemporary Arts and Literature Organization (CALO), is an event in the West Side of San Antonio, Texas which showcases local talent in the arts. This includes visual arts, fashion, film, music, theater and spoken word performances at the historic Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. "Barrio Massive En El Mero Hueso" is the main musical presentation of the event.

Below, is a short video that really gives you a sense of Una Noche De La Gloria 2010.

Una Noche De La Gloria from noi mahoney on Vimeo.

This is the second time that I've attended Una Noche De La Gloria. I enjoyed it so much last year that I had return again. I go more for the exceptional music but I enjoy all the activities. This year's main stage line up included: JD Diego Bernal, La Guerrilla, Pop Pistol, Piñata Protest, Bombasta and Special Guest, The Sequence.

La Guerrilla, the international, Latin, gypsy ensemble from Austin, Texas band and one of my favorites.

Pop Pistol, from San Antonio, incorporates a "very interesting blend of indie rock steeped in electronic roots. Progressive broken beat drums coupled with an ethereal rhythm section of synths and samples and haunting vocal delivery for a complex, multi-dimensional sound." -Study Breaks Magazine, UTSA
This is the first time I saw Pop Pistol and I was really impressed with their performance, music and sound. This is a band I want to see again and a band that you'll be hearing more about very soon.

Pinata Protest, is a San Antonio "accordion powered punk rock-y-roll band." I also add "conjunto punk band" as part of the description because of it's rocking Mexican roots.

Bombasta is the epitome of the new Urban Latino sound that has emerged in cities like San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi and all over which incorporates all the intrinsic influences of Latin, Rock, Conjunto, Traditional Roots and Electronic music. When Bombasta performs, you know a party is going to break out and you better be prepared to throw down some moves!

The Sequence, an a capella doo-wop group also from San Antonio performed some 1950-60's songs. The Sequence is not on the web, you may contact them at (210)421-5683 or at

Una Noche De La Gloria 2011 is already being planned and I am looking forward to it already.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jazz Puerto Rico Brings ¡Sabor! to Momo's

I went to Momo's on September 28, 2010, my usual Tuesday night hang out, to see what Bemba Entertainment had in store. The line up listed Jazz Puerto Rico, Cerronato and Bubba Hernandez y Los Super Vatos. Now I'm real familiar with Cerronato and Bubba Hernandez, they are a couple of most my favorite bands that I always enjoy seeing. Jazz Puerto Rico ,though, peaked my interest. I had never heard of the band and really didn't know what type of music they played. Well, it turns out that Jazz Puerto Rico plays Salsa, Cha Cha and Merengue. I've heard and seen several "Salsa" bands and some are good and some are so-so. Jazz Puerto Rico is really good. I was totally impress with their music and musicianship. I liked their sound, the variety of music and they were tight or seamless. When it comes to bands, I like a band with a brass section. The Jazz Puerto Rico section had three trombones and a baritone sax. This band could hold their own in any Salsa club anywhere. The only thing that concerned me about Jazz Puerto Rico was that they are not an active participant in social media. There's just no information on the web. I guess my blog and YouTube videos may be a beginning? Jazz Puerto Rico is a great band and definitely deserves to be seen and heard.

Check out a sample of their performance:

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Austin Vida's "Mi Gente" Salsa Happy Hour at The Parish in October

Austin Vida is teaming up with The Parish, a 6th Street hot spot, to bring "Mi Gente" a Tueday night Salsa Happy Hour in October. The Salsa Happy Hour starts at 6:00 PM with music, dancing and a $3.50 Mojito drink special and ends at 9:00 PM.

Now, a happy hour is a happy hour is a happy! To make this happy hour a "Salsa Happy Hour," who else than DJ Orion, in conjunction with Fania Records could truly make it happen. DJ Orion, one of the members of Peligrosa All-Stars DJ's, spins tunes from an extensive list of Fania Records artists and others. This happy hour highlighted the late great Tito Puente. Fania Records is celebrating their release of Tito Puente two-disk anthology, El Rey. You know, El Rey is a must for all true Salseros, Latin music lovers and of course, DJ's.

I attended this happy hour and had a great time. I like The Parish, the ambiance and sound system is exceptional, the crowd was intimate and the music was made for dancing.

The next "Mi Gente" Salsa Happy Hour will be on October 19 at The Parish, located at 214-c E 6th Street from 6:00-9:00 PM. Ages 21 and up.

Here's DJ Orion in action;

Here's a sample of the Fania Records El Rey:

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Este Vato, The Raspas and Stars Collide at Trophy's

I went to Trophy's Bar and Grill, one of my favorite Austin music venues because of it's comfortable neighborhood bar atmosphere, on September 18, 2010. I specifically went to see three bands on the line-up that night. The first was my favorite Austin Latin Fusion band, Este Vato. The second band was The Raspas, a Reggae band I first saw about a year ago at The Amsterdam. Lastly, Stars Collide, a rock band I hadn't seen but has been on my "must see list." Frank "FAAR" Ramirez, drummer for Este Vato is also the drummer for Stars Collide.

It was a great night for music. There was a festive crowd, it's always friendly and there's a feel or a bond among the crowd because they all know and follow the same bands. They feel comfortable yelling, screaming encouragement at the bands and definitely like dancing to their music.

Check out Trophy's, it' on South Congress Ave., Este Vato, The Raspas and Star Collide soon. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Este Vato introduced two new songs. The first "Levántate," which they have worked on for about a month. The second song, with no title as of yet, they wrote the night before. I really like both songs because they have a strong solid sound and beat. The two songs are definitely Este Vato trademark songs.

The Raspas "Poor Man Style" a great Reggae song that has become a favorite.

Stars Collide has a strong Rock sound and singer. They perform the song, "Better."

For more videos on this and other performances go to: YouTube MannyGoCrazy Channel.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Este Vato at Beauty Bar on September 1st

After looking at my social calender, I realized that it had been three months since I last saw Este Vato perform. It wasn't that I didn't want to see Este Vato. My schedule just didn't seem to coincide with their performance dates. It got to the point where I needed an Este Vato "fix."

It's no secret that Este Vato is my favorite band. I like their unique Latin Fusion sound created with a DJ and an Mecee. I first saw Este Vato back in October 2008 at Flamingo Cantina. We definitely have a history and I've lost count of how many times I've seen them perform. We are friends and I support them as often as I can. On September 1, 2010 I finally got to see Este Vato perform at the Beauty Bar in Austin, Texas. Every time I see them perform, I swear they sound better than the previous time I saw them.

You can find out more about Este Vato at the following links:
Este Vato Facebook Page

Here are a couple of songs from Este Vato's Beauty Bar performance:

To see more videos of Este Vato performances go to YouTube MannyGoCrazy Channel.

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Another Fantastic Austin Vida Showcase

Austin Vida put together another fantastic Latin showcase recently at Ruta Maya. They brought in four "in demand" musical groups and artist that provided music to please all musical taste. The line-up included from Austin, Arthur Yoria, JEZ, La Guerrilla and from San Antonio, Bombasta. All these bands, I noticed, have a solid fan base which are dedicated and travel near and far to see them perform.

I do have to say that Austin Vida has the knack of recognizing exceptional Latin talent and bringing them together for consistently successful showcases of fun and dance. I've been to all of Austin Vida showcases and based on audience attendance, the amount of dancing, the amount of laughter and fun, I'd definitely give this one "Six Flags."

More future showcases are being planned which will be bigger and better, so stay connected to

Here is a sample of the artist and their music that night:

Arthur Yoria


La Guerrilla


To see more videos of this showcase and other musical groups and events, go to my YouTube MannyGoCrazy Channel.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

World Beat Cruise with Jai Roots

I had so much fun on the last World Beat Cruise that I again booked another passage. There are several reasons why I was back on the cruise. First, Bembe Entertainment knows how to throw a party. Second, you have a large Capital Cruises party boat on Lady Bird Lake in downtown scenic Austin, Texas. Third, you have liquor, food, DJ Jah Karma and live music. Fourth, Jai Roots & the Herb-n-Café Project was the band for the cruise. I had recently seen Jai Roots and the Project at Momo's and immediately liked them. Jai Roots is very charismatic and has a striking stage presence. The Project is strong musically and cranks up the Reggae and World Beat music. If I had to be on a party boat for "a three hour cruise," I would definitely pick Jai Roots and the Project.

Brandon Badillo welcomes the party people to the third of four Bemba Entertainment World Beat Cruises.

Picturesque view of party go-ers and scenic view from cruise boat.

Jai Roots & the Herb-n-Café Project perform "ChanChan" to get party started.

The final World Beat Cruise of the series will be on September 29, 2010. Don't miss out. You now have a pretty good idea of what the cruise will be like.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Musicians Rule!

I don't know when or where I got this photo but I found it very humorous.

Musicians, enjoy the glory.

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Cruisin' on the World Beat Cruise

I had not been on an Austin lake cruise in a couple of years. So when the World Beat Cruise by Bemba Entertainment was promoted with food, drink and music for $25.00, I had to go. The cruise was on July 29, 2010 on Capital Cruises' double deck "Pride and Joy". It's a "Three hour cruise" on Lady Bird Lake in downtown scenic Austin, Texas and after a busy day, the cruise provides an excellent way to unwind. I met some great people, enjoyed great music and the serenity of being on the lake with the warm summer breeze. The Austin skyline and sunset provides an exceptional scenic backdrop to enjoy and the numerous Austin lake bridges provides an echo chamber for the music and an unusual childlike joy as you shout at the top of you lungs as the boat goes under the bridges.

Brandon Badillo of Bemba Entertainment welcomes the World Beat travelers to cruise.

All the beautiful people were on the cruise socializing, eating, drinking their favorite beverages and just enjoying themselves.

Frederico 7 and The Hashashin provided the party music along with DJ Macumbeats.

I've attended many of Bemba Entertainment's events and this cruise was the best yet. The next World Beat Cruise is on Thursday August 19, 2010 so make plans now to be on the party boat. The entertainment will be provided by Jai Roots & the Herb-n-Café Project, a new rocking band to the Austin music scene, that will get the party started with Reggae and World Music. I'll be on the cruise again because it was just that much fun. See you there.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jai Roots: A New Star in the "Live Music Capitol of the World" Constellation

You'll usually find me at Momo's on Tuesday nights for World Music Night sponsored by KUT 90.5fm/ and presented by Bemba Entertainment. Brandon Badillo of Bemba Entertainment brings together exceptional musical talent, both world and local, for all to enjoy every week. Plus, KUT is the ideal sponsor because they are the only Austin radio station that promotes world music.

This past Tuesday I went to Momo's to specifically see Jai Roots. I had never heard of Jai Roots but did check out his Myspace page, and YouTube videos. I liked what I saw and heard so I decided to see for myself. I saw Jai Roots & the Herb-n-Café Project perform. I was amazed at what I saw and heard. First, Jai Roots, from St. Croix, is very charismatic and has the exotic island look. His voice perfectly fits all the music he sings, which includes World, Urban, Latin, Reggae and Roots. Second, the band is exceptional. They are all in sync and sound like they've played together for years even though this is a new group. They are all exceptional musicians and when featured in a song, they were flawless and enhanced the song and music experience. The crowd in attendance was also in agreement. They were all having fun and in the mood for dancing. Jai Roots & the Herb-n-Café Project, from San Antonio, Texas, is trying to break into the tough and competitive Austin music market and personally, I feel they have what it takes to become successful not only in Austin but regionally and nationally.

Check the videos from the Momo's performance.

Jai Roots & the Herb-n-Café Project will be performing at Encore on Friday August 6, 2010.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

El Tule and Radio la Chusma at Flamingo Cantina

Two great bands with two different sounds this Friday at Flamingo Cantina. First, Austin's favorite, El Tule specializes in Cumbia, Salsa and Merengue that lifts the spirit and moves the soul. El Tule has been very busy this summer with numerous performances throughout Central Texas and Austin. Second, Radio La Chusma, an El Paso, Texas band, "Representing the beauty and complexity of the border culture, the reggae, cumbia/rock....uplifting the people with their message and hard hitting rhymes."

I've seen both bands perform individually. I recently caught El Tule in San Antonio's Main Plaza and saw Radio la Chusma last September in San Antonio's Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center for Una Noche de Gloria: Barrio Massive En El Mero Hueso. Friday night should be "Una Noche de Gloria" as well with both bands a Flamingo Cantina in Austin, Texas.

Venue: Flamingo Cantina on 515 East 6th Street in downtown Austin, Texas

Date: July 30, 2010
Time: Doors open at 9:00 PM

Line-up: El Tule and Radio la Chusma

Cost: $5.00 21+

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making Movies: A Band Making a Name

Making Movies, a Latin alternative rock band from Kansas City, Missouri, was at Momo's last night. They're touring to promote their new CD, IN DEO SPERAMUS. I had read about Making Movies last year in Café magazine and in their web publication. They drew my attention at that time and when I heard they were coming to the two day Pachanga Latino Music Festival 2010 I was excited. Unfortunately part of the festival was canceled and Making Movies would not perform. I guess I would have to wait for another time. Well, I lucked out because Making Movies finally made it to Austin, Texas. Bemba Entertainment brought in Making Movies for the weekly "World Music Night" sponsored by KUT 90.5fm at Momo's.

Making Movies has definitely made a buzz in the music industry in a short time. Their music was featured on AOL Musica and NPR Weekend Edition, "La Marcha" video is available on iTunes and Making Movies has toured with Grammy winners, Aterciopelados.

I like Making Movies. They blend all of my favorite Latin alternative bands into one creative and very talented group. They perform both in English and Spanish. Their music has influences of Latin, Afrobeat and also combines new music with old Latin and Spanish influences. I also like that their music is edgy and bold but not in your face. The percussion in the band adds depth and also gives it a full Latin flavor. Check these guys out soon and buy their In Deo Speramus CD.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monterey Pop Festival: Deja Vu All Over Again

This morning I was watching the Monterey International Pop Music Festival 1967 on the Sundance Channel and heard a song by Canned Heat called "Rollin' & Tumble." By coincidence earlier this morning, I was playing a CD by The Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band titled "Everything's Rising." When I heard "Rollin' & Tumble," I immediately thought to myself,"wait a minute, Reverend Payton sounds just like Canned Heat." Amazing! two bands approximately 42 years apart sounding so similar or is it "deja vu?" You tell me. Is it a sign?

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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Party Continues with Bubba Hernandez y Los Super Vatos and Huerta Culture at Jovita's

The party continues with Bubba Hernandez y Los Super Vatos and Huerta Culture at Jovita's. The party originally started at Momo's with Tortilla Factory, Bubba and Huerta Culture on June 25th. Momo's kicked us out and we continued the party on the street until we couldn't go anymore. If you want to be of the part of the continuing party, show up at Jovita's Saturday.

As Bubba put it:"An evening of Cumbiafied Latin funk pop rock afro beat, reggae hip hop and maybe even a little ranchera on the side.
Bubba Hernandez y Los Super Vatos con Huerta Culture mano a mano, tete a tete, heart to heart, brother to brother, arm in arm, conga to conga.
Let’s do it. Yeah!"

Venue: Jovita's, 1619 South First Street in Austin, Texas (Map)

Date: Saturday, July 17, 2010

Times: 7:00 to 11:00 PM (or until they kick us out again!)

Cover Charge: $5.00

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

JEZ: New Star in Austin

I'm always looking for the next big artist or band, both locally and beyond. I'm not in the music business but I do share my finds with people who are. You could call me an avid music fan or crazy, hence the name "Manny Go Crazy." Every Tuesday at Momo's, Brandon Badillo of Bemba Entertainment presents World Music Night sponsored by KUT 90.5fm/ Brandon has provided numerous of my new discoveries because he books many exceptional and diverse acts for World Music Night, as well as other venues and activities.

I was looking through Bemba's and Momo's calenders, the opening act for Tuesday July 13th was JEZ. I had never heard of JEZ so I looked JEZ up. I checked out the MySpace page and YouTube for info and music. There was also a website with an e-mail sign up. I liked what I had seen and heard so I decided I would go. Brandon had also sent me a music link on Facebook of JEZ's current album. When I got to Momo's and JEZ started their set, I was just blow away. Do you remember the Maxwell's man in chair being blown away by the speaker ad? (click on link) Well that was me Tuesday night. Jezarey Barbazcy, known simply as JEZ, is from Houston, Texas and now living in Austin. His band at present lives in Houston. Their music was a combination of Rock, Latin, Folk and Pop. I was impressed with the lyrics and exceptional musicianship of the band. Their music kept me mesmerized for their entire set. I also heard many musical influences in some of their songs. For instance in "Aire" I heard U2 and in other songs I heard Mana, John Mayer to name a few artist.

I've seen a lot bands. These bands have been in various stages of success. They range from just starting out to bands who are touring nationally. JEZ is already at star level waiting to be re-discovered in a new setting, Austin, Texas the "Live Music of the World." The buzz has already started with JEZ's appearance on Fox TV's Good Day-Live Music segment on Tuesday morning, Momo's in the evening, July 13th plus my little blog. I anticipate great things for JEZ and once you see JEZ perform you'll know why.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

El Tule: "Working Man's Cumbia"

El Tule has a song off their El Tule Volumen II CD titled "Working Man's Cumbia" that could have been written for the band. They are always working somewhere every week, it seems. I've been following El Tule for a couple of years and I would give them the title of "Hardest Working Band in Austin" and possibly the world? They also have two CDs, corresponding videos and working on new projects. If you check their Upcoming Shows on their Myspace page, you'll see they're booked until October. So if you need a band, El Tule's schedule is getting full fast so reserve your date now.

I like El Tule because they have a good variety of music which includes Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Latin. They have a strong solid sound. I especially like how they put their heart and soul into their music and performances. When you see them perform you'll know what I mean.

Recently I traveled to San Antonio's Main Plaza to see El Tule perform. I invited familia to come see El Tule because I had told them all how great they were. You know Mexican families are big, with brothers, sisters, Mom, Dad, tios, tias, primos, primas and abuelos and abuelitas and as George Lopez would say "all in one car." We had a blast! If you haven't seen El Tule, they're coming to a venue or city near you.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Arthur Yoria: Songwriter and Singer Extraordinaire

Every once in a while it seems I fall into a musical rut. I go see my favorite bands and listen to my favorite music over and over again. And sometimes to tell you the truth, it seems there are periods where there are no new up and coming bands or talent. I like to keep it fresh by discovering new bands, artist and music. I'll read tons of blogs, scour the The Austin Chronicle,, austin360 and social media to find those new artist. I will also ask musicians, people I meet at venues and people in the know, "Who do I need to go see?" I get various suggestions and many times I'll make it a point go see a recommended band. Occasionally, I'll come across a band or two that have that something extra special.

I went through a rut this past winter. It was a combination of the extremely cold weather and there just wasn't anybody new out there. Well, on a cold December night I decided to go to Momo's and thanks to Bemba Entertainment I came across Arthur Yoria. Arthur was the last set, the cold kept people at home and it was midnight. When Arthur started playing, I immediately knew Arthur was special. I literally said out loud, "damn this guy is good!" Arthur ingeniously used recorded loops, samples and beats to create music I've never heard before. I liked his stage presence and his demeanor. At that point I decided I had to know more about Arthur the singer/songwriter/musician, meet him and in my small way promote Arthur's music. I've seen Arthur perform several times since then plus I'm also on his e-mail list and Facebook friends. I've gotten to know Arthur on a personal level and he's a down to earth good guy.

Briefly, Arthur was born in Chicago, lived in Houston and circuitously is now in Austin. Arthur has a long list of accomplishment and credits that include songs in TV show, songs in movies and extensive touring. What I'm most impressed with is his variety and extensive catalog of music. When you listen to the lyrics, you get a glimpse of Arthur the person, his heart and his soul and his music delivers the message. Arthur is of Colombian heritage so his music will also include songs in Spanish. Arthur Yoria is that artist that got me out of my rut and brought a breath of fresh air to the Austin music scene. Put Arthur Yoria on your artist/band must see list and you to will say "damn this guy is good" too.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Free Week 2010 in Austin, Texas: Red 7

Every January for the last several years, the Red River District has "Free Week." Basically there is "No Cover" to get into the clubs and see tons of bands for 10 days. It is a huge event for music in Austin and many other clubs, not on Red River Street, have joined the annual event. I love Free Week because I can go to the clubs and see the bands that perhaps weren't on the top of my "must see" list although I do want to see them. This year one of the clubs I went to was Red 7 to see three local hardcore Punk bands: Sober Daze, Krum Bums and Lower Class Brats.

I've gone to see a couple punk bands before but this event was the most raucous. I'll usually stay as far back from the stage and the pit because it can get really rough. This time around I decided to get closer to the stage to take a few pictures when all of a sudden I felt someone pushing me into the pit. I turned around and got some kid in a headlock. I looked at him and he looked at me and I then pushed him into the pit. I quickly proceeded to the rear of the club and stayed there.

The bands were great, the music was hardcore and the audience generated a fantastic energy. This blog is definitely late but the videos were just recently downloaded by Red River Noise. Check out the video and see what I saw and experienced.

Note of Caution: the Pit is not for the meek or weak of heart. The possibility of getting kicked, punched, pushed around and getting hit with a beer bottle is extremely great.

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