Saturday, August 28, 2010

World Beat Cruise with Jai Roots

I had so much fun on the last World Beat Cruise that I again booked another passage. There are several reasons why I was back on the cruise. First, Bembe Entertainment knows how to throw a party. Second, you have a large Capital Cruises party boat on Lady Bird Lake in downtown scenic Austin, Texas. Third, you have liquor, food, DJ Jah Karma and live music. Fourth, Jai Roots & the Herb-n-Café Project was the band for the cruise. I had recently seen Jai Roots and the Project at Momo's and immediately liked them. Jai Roots is very charismatic and has a striking stage presence. The Project is strong musically and cranks up the Reggae and World Beat music. If I had to be on a party boat for "a three hour cruise," I would definitely pick Jai Roots and the Project.

Brandon Badillo welcomes the party people to the third of four Bemba Entertainment World Beat Cruises.

Picturesque view of party go-ers and scenic view from cruise boat.

Jai Roots & the Herb-n-Café Project perform "ChanChan" to get party started.

The final World Beat Cruise of the series will be on September 29, 2010. Don't miss out. You now have a pretty good idea of what the cruise will be like.

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